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Caravan and lodge holidays have become one of the most popular ways to take a holiday in the UK, if not the most popular. Enjoy the benefits of extra facilities that a holiday park can offer, take advantage of modern, luxury holiday homes and get the best value for money self catering holiday for your family.

We provide a range of information about the holiday parks that we like best in the most popular tourist destinations from Devon and Cornwall to Scotland. We look at a range of factors and choose the best family parks, parks by the beach, dog friendly holiday parks and much more. There is more top this site than just reviewing holiday parks to find the best park for you, we also provide a great page with the latest deals and last minute offers on holiday parks. We cover a range of activities as well providing you with a range of parks ideal for activities to enjoy. Have a look at our best holiday parks for fishing holidays, walking holidays and surfing holidays if you want to have some great fun on your break.

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Many of the larger parks in the UK are owned by a small collection of chains or park groups. This is no bad thing, they tend to have bigger and better facilities, more going on, established entertainment teams and bigger investment budgets. Whilst some might prefer the more peaceful, smaller and independently owned parks, others prefer the busier entertainment schedules, lots of activities and facilities designed to hold large numbers of people.

It's only our opinion and just that, yours may be different so please bear that in mind. We have our favourite Haven Holidays parks here, our top 10 in fact and these stretch from Cornwall to Scotland so a great range for you to choose from. Parkdean have a similar offering, again great facilities and kids clubs and some fantastic locations from the Isle of Wight to the huge Trecco Bay in Wales, a fantastic range of parks, you can even go skiing! Have a browse through our top Parkdean holiday parks and find one that suits your family!

Away Resorts have expanded rapidly in recent years and operate at the more luxury end of the park ranges and they do own the iconic Tattershalls Lakes and Sandy Balls parks, both which offer a unique holiday with amazing facilities. Along with a range of other parks, their accommodation on some parks is really on another level, definitely one to look at if you want a touch of luxury on your holiday so we have our top 7 Away Resorts Parks for you to view.

At the other end, John Fowler in the south west and Wales provide more affordable family holidays on a range of parks in traditional seaside locations, great if you want facilities and value for money, see our top John Fowler holiday parks and look for yourself. Park Holidays are another established group and we love the locations of their parks, they are particularly strong in the south east with a great selection to choose from including smaller parks and large parks and they are also ver well kept, check out our top Park Holidays parks in the UK to find the perfect holiday park for you!

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We hope that you enjoy our site and we are constantly looking to improve it and add features that you want to see and would find useful. If you think we have missed a trick our would like more specific information about a caravan park or a lodge park, please let us know. Our aim is to provide you with extra thoughts and opinions so that you get the best family caravan and lodge holiday for your specific needs. We try to include all types of holiday parks from the big chains to small and independent parks because we all want something different. Families may want parks by the seaside so we have a great selection of holiday parks by the beach in the UK for you to view. We are looking to expand our coverage and find ome more peaceful and rural holiday parks for a different type of holiday!